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Credit Needs 101

Credit Needs 101

Credit Needs 101

Unlocking Financial Freedom: Navigating Credit Reports and Rebuilding Your Score

Go to to submit your form, or call 877-322-8228 if you aren’t able to submit the form online due to inaccurate information or the website is unable to verify your information. I attached the form if you want to print it out and mail it in. 

Get a free copy of your credit report twice a year in the state of Georgia! (Other states may only grant one free credit report a year.)

However, this credit report may not reflect your credit score, but it will give you a detailed consumer credit report. ****

It may be a day-to-day, ongoing process. But you can learn the techniques to repair your credit for free with manual labor. The only thing you will pay for is paper to print the dispute letters and envelopes or stamps to mail the dispute letters. The dispute letter templates are a breakdown and collection of dispute letters to fit your situation and can help you erase negative accounts. Send a letter out every day for the next 45 days, and watch the negative accounts become deleted. I would encourage you to continue until each disputed account is updated or erased. 

Documents you may need to rebuild your personal credit. Additional document on building business credit 101

🔗 credit_repair_kit-20220327t192213z-001.zi

🔗 consumerstatement__1_.doc

🔗 verifyaccountsfcra__1_.docx  

🔗 temporary_financial_difficulties_credit_letter__1_.doc

🔗 reduced_payment_request_for_account_credit_report__1_.doc

🔗 credit_report_dispute.pd

🔗 manualrequestform.pd

🔗 online_dispute_form_ecd__1_.pd

🔗 disputelettertemplates.pd

🔗 how-to-build-credit-for-your-ein-that-is-not-linked-to-your-ssn-2019__1_.pd

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