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Design Your Free Financial Plan on Paper

Design Your Free Financial Plan on Paper

Design Your Free Financial Plan on Paper

Items you will find in this Free E-Financial Guide 101:

  1. Know where you are
  2. Know your credit score
  3. Create a Free Budget
  4. Think about goals for your mid 30s-40s-50s-60s-70s
  5. Homeownership Plans: America was built on Equity; we have to own something rather you live there or not let me show you how to benefit from owning Collateral, creating leverage is one of the main components
  6. Protect what you have: if you have children and no life insurance contact me, I have a plan where I can get you enrolled in a policy for $3k final expense under $10 dollars a year/ Children can enroll in a Juvenile Policy for under $10 a year NOT a month a year
  7. Grow your wealth/ (what you have): an empire isn't built overnight, if you want to create your blueprint and the lifestyle you want start with a plan
  8. Know all your benefits, entitlements, and resources **even Medicaid beneficiaries offer great benefits
  9. Put an Estate plan in place, if you have children let's plan your after life together do not leave this to your children. **Download the
  10. If you have children, we can put a Trust in place
  11. If you have children, plan for their future
  12. Set up Afterlife Plan
  13. Know how much you have in Social Security Administration- Set up a Senior Plan--With Annuity**if you have a current 401K or IRA let me show you how to roll that over with no penalty and growing those funds
  14. Enjoy your money and your life we only get one! No one makes it out alive!

​Disclaimer Reference Northwestern Mutual 
**They have one of the best Financial Model out there. I Partnered with them in 2018 and went to through an extensive training and Mastermind.** I was on track to receiving my Series 6  & 7. I will continue those studies throughout my Financial Representative journey***

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