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Shante Black

Social Media Partner

Meet Shante Black, an accomplished Social Media Manager at Lenders Plus Financial Firm & Partners. Possessing an acute attention to detail and a profound comprehension of the ever-evolving social media terrain, Shante is unwaveringly committed to guiding clients through their individual and business branding odyssey with unwavering certainty.

With a penchant for attentive listening and a profound grasp of each client's distinct requisites, Shante tailors her approach, furnishing bespoke counsel and strategies. Her mastery lies in sculpting social media identities, crafting logos that resonate, and curating captivating online narratives. Rooted in the ambition to bestow clients with the tools for well-informed decisions in alignment with their ambitions, Shante is resolute in her mission to fortify their social media footprint.

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