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Mrs. Elizabeth Taylor

Director of Compliance

Meet Elizabeth Taylor, an accomplished Construction Developer and our dedicated small business specialist at Lenders Plus Financial Firm & Partners. With an expertise spanning new builds, land acquisitions, and a comprehensive understanding of building intricacies across diverse locations throughout the U.S., Elizabeth brings a unique perspective to the team.

Passionately driven to champion the cause of small business proprietors, Elizabeth's proficiency extends beyond the construction realm. Drawing from her vast background in home buyer lending needs and an acute recognition of the hurdles entrepreneurs face, she's resolute in her commitment to fostering their prosperity.

Collaborating closely with clients, Elizabeth delves into their distinct requirements, devising custom-tailored solutions to safeguard assets and magnify avenues for growth. Her dedication transcends insurance, as she actively seeks out collaborations and initiatives that sow the seeds of community expansion and progress.

Under Elizabeth's adept guidance, your small business journey embarks on a trajectory towards enduring success, equipped with the tools, insights, and partnerships essential for sustained growth.

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